“I also salute the Black Sash… even during the darkest days in the history of our struggle you held the flag of liberty high.”
Nelson Mandela

a strategic approach

to protect the most vulnerable

Established in 1955, Black Sash is a veteran human rights organisation advocating for social justice in South Africa.

Our work is deeply committed to understanding and promoting social protection in South Africa. We concentrate our efforts on advocating for everyone living in South Africa, with a special focus on establishing a robust Social Protection floor. Black Sash has adopted a strategic approach to protect the most vulnerable from extreme poverty and hunger.

Our focus pivots on creating clear conceptual frameworks regarding social protection in the South African context. Advocating for the constitutional rights of all who live in South Africa to a social protection floor that shields the most vulnerable members of society from the worst effects of poverty and hunger, will be the main focus.



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A South Africa in which human rights are respected, recognised in law and implemented in practice. Where government is accountable to its people, meets basic needs in a participatory and dignified manner, and where the constitution is protected, promoted and fulfilled by all.



In the execution of our work, we will uphold and promote the values of justice, integrity, dignity, rigour, the affirmation of women, independence, and courage. We believe the practice of individual and collective non-violent action can transform society.



The realisation of socio-economic rights that reduce poverty and inequality, with an emphasis on social security and social protection for the most vulnerable, particularly women, youth and children. To this end, strong, vibrant and active civic engagement is promoted, made possible by enabling organisations of civil society that include community-based organisations, non-governmental organisations coalitions and movements.