Widower of Black Sash leader dies - Daily Dispatch, 6 Jan 09

AN ANTI-apartheid fighter and the widower of Black Sash leader Molly Blackburn has died at the age of 78 on his farm in KwaZulu-Natal.

Gavin Blackburn had been battling with cancer for well over a decade.

Family spokesperson Adel Allen said Blackburn had always been the main support system for his wife, who died amid controversial circumstances in 1985.

The National Party regarded Molly as troublesome because of her constant questioning of police actions in the Port Elizabeth region.


Allen said the family had made their peace. “We’ve been expecting it; we saw him two weeks ago when we went up to Bergville , so we were able to say goodbye to him.

“He had cancer from his knee up. I don’t know what to call it – it was a muscular cancer that he had. For the past 10 years he hasn’t been a well person at all.”


Blackburn is likely to be buried at Bergville.