MAVC* Justice & Peace Monitoring in Welkom

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MAVC Welkom 1014Kalie Senyane and community monitors from the Justice and Peace Commission spent a successful few days monitoring service delivery  as part of the * MAVC (Making all Voices Count) project at the Welkom Clinic. Here are edited samples from his emails to the Black Sash recounting the experience.

"I had a pleasant meeting with the clinic manager. She said she would really welcome the stakeholders meetings as it will help them a lot to know what needs to be done and way forward. She requested ...that after the whole monitoring, she hopes we will help them and not just compile a report and do nothing. They are tired of the province not taking them seriously"
"All went according to plan. Amazingly more women wanted to participate and the clinic manager surprisingly, also asked me to bring more women than men. She believes women should be more developed in terms of monitoring."
Tomorrow we have to do another set of 150 questionnaires. Hopefully by Wednesday we will have completed our 300 target and by Friday all will have been punched into the system.

We received complaints from patients which I don't know how to tackle.... we just noted them and we will see in later stages how Justice & Peace and Black Sash can deal with this issues."

"After today we have completed +/- 293 questionnaires. It took us 4 working days to achieve the milestone. I am really happy with the support I received during tough times and thank all of you for being patient with Justice and Peace Commission.

The facility operational manager was pleased to have us around and she even extended our work, to interact more with patients and even pleaded with us to help identify people who could possibly form a new clinic committee. She has also extended an invitation to us to attend that meeting, the day the committee is going to be formed.

Generally patients were happy that we have graced the facility as they are being served in time, with good attitude, and a well mannered way shown by the staff. ...The staff was generally welcoming, cooperative, friendly, polite and generous with their time. No single day we had any problems with them. The facility services too many people and they under staffed, but they never neglected their duties."