Making all voices count with Tshwane North Outreach

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Another successful citizen monitoring Dialogue  was organised by Black Sash partner, Tshwane North Outreach (TNO) in Gauteng province on the 18 March 2015.It was attended by 80 community members including these stakeholders: the  Clinic Committee Emergency Service unit (that assisted the clinic), the Ward Councillor, and Community Development Workers.

The first photo shows the presentation of the report done by Nelson Mahlangu who is one of the TNO monitors, and the second photo shows the community in a commission prioritising issues on the report which lead to the draft of the Action Plan to deal with identified problems.

The event was a first learning phase for our partners and the positive response from the facility was welcomed by all parties who graced the event. Hopefully this step will come with positive results for the entire community.

TAC and Love Life members assisted our partners in collecting monitoring statistics.