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Black Sash Media Release: A crisis has been averted, but there is still a journey ahead... 17 March 2017
Three weeks left before the SASSA grants payment deadline 06 March 2017
Media Release: Black Sash takes SASSA to court over grants 28 February 2017
Media release: Who is ultimately responsible for holding the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) accountable? 02 February 2017
Black Sash Media Release: SASSA and DSD finally reveal grant payment in-sourcing progress 01 December 2016
Media Release: Who will be responsible for making social grant payments from 1 April 2017? Will social grant beneficiaries even be paid? 25 November 2016
Black Sash Statement on the Medium Term Budget Policy Statement 27 October 2016
Media Release: Mass Silent Protest for the Hands Off Our Grants Campaign 14 October 2016
Hands Off Our Grants Campaign: Call to Action 12 October 2016
Service to stop unauthorized, fraudulent and unlawful debit deductions permanently! 06 October 2016
Petition: To Minister of Social Development, SASSA, Net 1, Cash Paymaster Services (CPS) and Grindrod Bank Hands Off Our Grants 06 October 2016
Channel Life Limited and Sanlam Developing Markets Limited challenge 09 May 2016
Statement by the Min of Social Development, Ms Bathabile Dlamini, on unauthorised grant deductions. 06 May 2016
Prejudicial rules of representation at the CCMA challenged in court by the Casual Workers Advice Office, the Black Sash and others 28 April 2016
Re: Black Sash Response to the Nkandla Constitutional Court Ruling 08 April 2016
Black Sash Condemns Massive Foster Care Fraud in KZN 13 March 2016
Media release: Appointment of New SASSA Social Grant Service Provider 15 October 2015
Civil Society impatient with social security reforms 17 August 2015
Black Sash press statement on the Flemix case outcome 10 July 2015
60th Anniversary celebrations, 19 to 22 May 2015 – Lynette Maart's Speech 20 May 2015
Media release: Black Sash turns sixty 15 May 2015
Constitutional Court acts decisively to birth new SASSA tender 24 March 2015
Black Sash admitted as Amicus Curiae in Allpay 2 Constitutional Court Case 18 March 2015
Dullah Omar School for the Community Advice Office Sector 09 March 2015
Black Sash - pre SONA 2015 press release 12 February 2015
Media Statement by DOSD Min Dlamini on Unauthorised Deductions 16 September 2014
Black Sash alerts beneficiaries to increase in social grants from 1 April 2014 01 April 2014
Black Sash engages Parliament on the crisis of household debt: Submission to PC Trade and Industry on the National Credit Amendment Bill [b47 -2013] 11 February 2014
Press Statement: Eastern Cape Health Crisis Action Coalition Calls for Decisive and Urgent Action by Government and Traditional Leadership to Stop Annual Avoidable Circumcision Deaths and Mutilations 31 January 2014
Holding Social Development and SASSA to account: Black Sash Stop SASSA-CPS Debits Campaign 29 January 2014
Closing Pandora’s Box – Black Sash warns against erosion of social grants system 21 October 2013
Press conference: Deadline looms for Eastern Cape Health MEC Sicelo Gqobana 10 October 2013
Eastern Cape Health Crisis Action Coalition Press Release 19 September 2013
Black Sash joins Eastern Cape Health Crisis Action Coalition in the Baby Ikho Campaign 13 September 2013
The Black Sash calls on SASSA to urgently assist victims of grant system error 06 September 2013
Unlawful, immoral deductions from social grants should stop, says Black Sash - 29 May 2013 29 May 2013
Socio-economic rights optional protocol heralds a new dawn in the enforcement of these rights 06 May 2013
Black Sash Media Statement: Over one million orphans desperately need the Foster Child Grant – can the Department of Social Development deliver? - 18 April 2013 18 April 2013
Black Sash calls on President Zuma to IMPROVE FOOD SECURITY in his State of the Nation Address - 13 February 2012 13 February 2013
Supreme court of appeal provides guidance for class action against bread cartel - 30 November 2012 30 November 2012
Supreme Court of Appeal to hear arguments on class action against bread cartel on November 06 - 07 2012 05 November 2012
Minister for the sake of orphans and grandmothers please fix the foster care crisis urgently! 04 September 2012
No More Foster Child Grants for Grannies - 4 September 2012 04 September 2012
People’s Power, People’s Parliament: A Civil Society conference on South Africa’s Legislatures 13 – 15 August 2012, Cape Town 08 August 2012
Cape Court Orders Cape Town Refugee Reception Office to Accept New Asylum Applicants 27 July 2012
Western Cape Refugee Reception Office under threat of closure due to DHA’s mismanagement - Joint Statement on Behalf of Scalabrini Centre, Passop and Black Sash, 9 May 2012 09 May 2012
Cape Town teenagers trained in documentary filmmaking as part of national unity campaign - Unite as One, 20 March 2012 20 March 2012
'Sash presents findings to SAHRC hearings on water and sanitation - Black Sash, 14 March 2012 14 March 2012
ICESCR Campaign welcomes the SA Human Rights Commission hearings on water and sanitation - Tuesday, 13 March 2012 13 March 2012