The Black Sash is a veteran human rights organisation whose current programmes draw on a rich institutional heritage of advocating for social justice in South Africa.

Extract from November 2012 Board of Trustees Statement:
"The Black Sash believes that at this time in the history of South Africa, and of our organisation, the most urgent issues to be addressed are the on-going poverty and inequality afflicting the lives of the most vulnerable members of our society. South Africa cannot be free as long as the majority of its people continue to live under conditions of deprivation and injustice. We are affected and diminished by this....We therefore commit ourselves to foster, support and encourage community initiatives to monitor, record and analyse the socio-economic conditions prevailing in South Africa."

Currently the Black Sash works in three areas in the social protection arena, with an emphasis on women and children:
• rights-based information, education and training;
• community monitoring; and
• advocacy in partnership.