Making all Voices Count - Citizen-Based Monitoring of Government Services

Making All Voices Count




Taking our Community- Based Monitoring Forward

DSC00987 1Building on our successful Community Monitoring and Advocacy (CMAP) and our Reproductive Maternal and Child Health (RMCH) projects, the Black Sash has launched the Making All Voices Count (MAVC) pilot project.

Our project, is part of a global initiative which aims to empower Community Based Organisati ons (CBOs) to take ownership of and participate actively in citizen-based monitoring of three government services in 20 service sites across South Africa. A working relationship with the Department of Performance Monitoring and Evaluation is in place to pilot the integration and institutionalisation of citizen feedback into government's performance monitoring and evaluation system.

With the support of Keystone Accountability, we have developed tools for data collection from citizens and frontline staff.

20 Community Partners from around the country have been trained to monitor service delivery at 20 government facilities (SASSA, Health & Local Government) using digital surveys.

The data from these surveys was collected & analysed and reports produced in Poster form for feedback to communities & government facilities. These will be shared publically as soon as they have been shared with the relevant local communities - watch this space!

Update July 2015

MAVC Cycle TWO has started. This cycle allows partners, beneficiaries, facility staff and other stakeholders to measure progress since the completion of Cycle One in March of this year and monitor whether issues agreed to with the development of a Joint Improvement Plan have been finalised or not.

This will also allow us to confirm whether or not issues picked up in Cycle One have been attended to and improved by the various sites.

Once the target has been reached, the captured data will be analyzed and site specific reports developed for use in facility and community dialogues to give feedback to those who participated and to measure improvements and to identify those challenges that still exist giving relevant stakeholders the opportunity to take joint ownership of service delivery at the respective sites and contribute to its improvement.

 Update February 2015

We are now getting ready to conduct Dialogues with community stakeholders and government facilities. Our regional offices in Port Elizabeth and Durban have already conducted regional workshops to prepare 10 of the Community Partners to host the Dialogues between the local communities and government facilities develop Improvement Plans for better service delivery. The idea was raised to establish Joint Monitoring Committees (JMC) to ensure that progress is made. One of the partners suggested that the JMC signs a public pledge at the conclusion of the Dialogue. The mood is good. Community Partners are excited to share the findings with community stakeholders and facilities.

Gauteng Regional Office is holding its regional preparation mid-February and Cape Town regional office theirs beginning March. All Dialogues will be concluded by the end of March.

This project is supported by Hivos and the Indigo Trust.